June 7, 2019:  My uncle Gary and three of his friends from Colorado.  We fought the wind and waves to end up with these fish off Lake Sharpe.  Today was nothing like the picture below.  ​​

May 30, 2023:  Dennis, Rich and Keith got their limit today on Lake Oahe.  

May 24, 2019 with my three guys I was in charge of today, ha ha.  They did a great job as you can see in the picture below.  


June 2, 2020​:  We got our limit of walleye in a little over an hour.

June 26, 2019:  Today I had Raymond Roberts and his son Jackson from Texas today.  It was a really tough day, only 5 walleye at 3:00.  We finally found some and ended up with our limits. We went 50 miles in the truck and about 40 in the boat. Jackson is in Huron SD for the National Finals Jr High Rodeo.

They are great people.  I sure hope he does well on Friday.  Best of Luck to you Jackson!

Scroll down to see the most recent photos.  As the year fills up, I'll delete past photos to make room for the new ones.  Thank you.  

June 13, 2019:  Day 2 with the Gustafson group.  It was a little tougher today but we had our limits of walleye by 2:30. Then it was time to relax on the deck at their Spring Creek resort cabin.

June 20, 2020: Pike and a 25" walleye


July 6, 2019​

Based North of Pierre, SD, I have easy access to fish on Lake Oahe and Lake Sharpe.


May 16,2023  

Darrell and Bob came up for a couple days of fishing.  They've been coming up here for several years.  It's always nice to see them and catch up on life in general.  This was the nicest day all year I think.  At least for me.  Maybe it was due to the great guys!

June 18, 2019:  Builders Products Group on Day 1

August 7, 2020

July 24, 2020:  Connie, Jacob and Carolyn fished with me today.  We atarted a little early so we could hopefully get done before it got any hotter.  Heat index was 104° @ 2 PM

May 31, 2023    Catch and Release on Lake Oahe today.  28.5" very nice walleye.  They caught their limit without this one.

7/25/2020:  Carolyn, Connie & Jacob

June 26, 2020:  I helped another guide today.   My boat ended up keeping 15 walleye and some bass.  

July 19, 2023:  Ron Nace with his Mother Violet from Indiana.  It was so enjoyable to take them out fishing.  Thank you for coming back!  

June 3, 2023:  These guys staying at a Lodge had a good day on Lake Oahe again today.  Yesterday and today turned out good them.  

July 23. 2020:  Not the best day for fishing but we had our limit by 1:30 today.  Mr Wind can go away any time.

June 28, 2019:  A group I helped with today while working for another guide.  The guys in my boat all caught their limit by 2:00  It was a pretty good day!

May 18, 2023:  The Comfort Products Group I helped guide out of the Out​post Lodge.  ​This is a real great group of people.  They have also been coming up here for several years.  

June 9, 2023   Larry and Sandy Weihs with their limit.

May 12, 2023:  Travis and Caleb Chisholm from the Omaha area with their limit of walleye.  

August 9, 2020  

I'm hoping Connie, Jacob and Carolyn enjoyed their day on the lake today.  7/25/2020  It got HOT!

June 12,  2019:  Day 1:  I guided the Gustaphson "Cook" group today from MN, NE, and IA.  I had 3 other guides working for me and we all limited on Lake Oahe. I think I've guided this group for more than 15 years!  Thank you VERY much guys for coming back.  I look forward to seeing you all every year.  You're so much fun to have.

June 20,2020:  40"  15#  Pike

June 2, 2020:  Lake Sharpe fishing with Mark and CJ from Chicago.

June 9, 2023:  A mostly good day to float around and catch walleye.

July 22, 2020:   Craig and Carolyn from Missouri battled the wind with me today on Oahe to get our limit -  Pictured below:

June 10, 2019:  Me with Tom, Bob, and Byron who fished in my boat today standing with some of the fish we caught, with the rest of the Joe Morten and Son insurance group.

May 11, 2023:

Caleb Chisholm with a 22" male today.  He filled out his limit easily in the less than stellar conditions.  

August 29, 2019

June 5, 2019  A beautiful day of fishing on Lake Oahe today.  Sunshine and glass.  What a difference from the past few days.  

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​June 22, 2020:  Keith and Darryl today.  We had fun.

June 25, 2023:  Darrel and Al caught a nice limit today.

July 20, 2023:

The last couple of days haven't been too bad.  It varies so much from day to day and place to place.  You just have to keep going and keep trying.  It's getting hot so the water is warming up even more.  This causes the fish to go deeper, obviously.  We do our best to get your limit.