September 27, 2015  Amy from Missouri and her family came back this year and caught a nice limit of walleye.

July 9, 2017   Day two with this great family.

July 2, 2015:  Caleb Chisholm from Nebraska with two of his nice walleye caught on Lake Oahe today.

May 21, 2015, fishing was on the slow side but managed to catch and release this nice 28" one

June 8, 2015: A group of classmates from Bloomfield, NE caught limits of walleye plus white bass, smallmouth, crappie and northern pike.

June 5, 2015:  These two couple from Grand Island, NE had a good day today on Lake Oahe, catching their limit of walleye.


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July 17, 2015:  Agrigold Seed, a group from NE with limits of walleye, some smallmouth and a pike. Lake Oahe is going good but it's getting harder to find them.

May 26, 2018:  A beautiful day on Lake Oahe.   My sidekick for the day forgot to take pictures of the fish.  Instead she went into the lodge at Spring Creek and came back with a couple 16 oz Ultras from the Chill Chamber!   I should have taken pics of them!  

March 21, 2016 on Lake Sharpe

June 3, 2015  The Cook group from NE and MN had good success in the Cheyenne river arm of Lake Oahe today.

June 9, 2018:  Little Miss Cruse showing Nebraska John how to catch a walleye!  

August 10, 2015:   A lot of fun was had catching nice sized catfish;  the result someone miscounted the number of walleye in the livewell.  Blame that darn guide. 

5-21-18  Limits of walleye and smallmouth today on Lake Sharpe with Darrell, Bob and Dave from NE. Really nice day for fishing hope tomorrow goes well

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May 22, 2016 after fishing on Lake Sharpe

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October 17, 2018:  Darrell Deterding with an 11lb - 4oz Pike caught today.  He and a friend of his ended up with 2 pike and 7 walleye.  We were a little short of our limit today but it was a really nice day for this time of year fishing on Lake Oahe. 

June 20, 2015:  These four guys from Templeton, IA caught a nice limit of walleye today.  A storm blew through last night with high winds and 2.5" of rain but didn't stop these guys from using their skills to catch the fish anyway. 

May 25, 2016 ~  Lake Sharpe  Kevin, Jeff & Randy from Nebraska

June 3, 2018: Worked for Dave Spaid today on Lake Oahe, I think we both had our limits by noon, then played catch and release for a couple of hours. Really fat and healthy fish. Also caught and released a 14 pound Northern Pike and a few smallmouth bass,

July 17, 2018:  I worked for Spring Creek Resort today and was very happy to meet Matt and Julie.  This was a case of slow going in the morning (above) but as you can see below, we kept checking everywhere and ended up with a pretty nice limit of walleye.   There were a couple smallmouth but somehow the catfish didn't end up in the picture.  I don't know how that happened.  (ha ha)  They had never been up here before so I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say about the lake.

June 28, 2015:  Roland Wiek from MN, Darrell Deterding from NE, and Pat Fitzpatrick from MT limit of walleyes by 11am then and some big smallmouth. We've been getting our walleye limits early for the last 10 days on Lake Oahe.

July 19, 2017

Jim Kirschbaum and Chuck True with their limit today,  May 30, 2015. 

September 26, 2018:  Don Davis from Grand Island, NE. and I spent the day fishing on Lake Sharpe today.  Caught our limit of walleye and a nice bass.

July 1, 2015:  A good day on Lake Oahe for Bob & Kaleb Chisholm from NE and Terry from Washington.  They caught their limit of walleye and some very nice smallmouth bass

May 22, 2017 after fishing @ West Bend.  

​​​July 8, 2017:  Bill, Marion, Mike with 2 new anglers:  Jonas and Eli